Jet lagged (K)

I have to laugh silently to myself as I begin to type this first blog post, something Nick has been encouraging me to do for quite some time.
I am jet lagged.
The kind of jet lag where your mind knows its 12 o clock somewhere (back in Rome) and your body is desperate for rest. The kind of jet lag that moves you from bed at 4:30 in the morning, straight to your journal and pen, and then to your computer and blog site. Stopping for several cups of tea before hand. And oatmeal.

We are back from our two weeks in Italy and while this post is not about that, it is my introduction to our blog world.

This post is my why.
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And it begins! (N)

I have been thinking about starting a blog to document our travel adventures for a long timebut there has always been some excuse, some hesitation, that has kept me from taking the plunge.
Well here we go, Kae and I have decided its time finally start writing.
So whats up with the name- Dream and a Map? Well two key ingredients for a life of travel are having big dreams and finding those amazing out of the way places with a good map. I really like maps, always have, and there is nothing more useful when trying to put a trip together and discovering anew place.
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